Sunseeker Doors

UltraSlim, spaced along rails

How Secure are UltraSlim Slide & Turn Doors?

SunSeeker UltraSlim slide and turn doors are secure. A client recently contacted us regarding an attempted break-in, providing evidence of the failed attempt via the patio doors. “Unfortunately, last night, burglars tried to break...

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4-door UltraSlim

How well do you know your Builders?

We are often approached by builders who want to supply and fit our unrivalled UltraSlim Doors on client’s extensions or property development projects. Whilst there might be some advantages to this, our experience during...

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ultraslim slide-turn-stack doors in a single storey extension

Why SunSeeker Doors Don’t Offer Discounts

We don’t offer our doors at SALE prices… Our doors are designed exclusively by us, using technical knowledge gained over a couple of decades to develop a unique product that delivers the contemporary style...

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SunSeeker UltraSlim with white coated aluminium frames

Trends in UK Property Extensions

A rise in stamp duty and the uncertainty of Brexit has had an effect on people moving home and many are choosing to ‘do up’ their property instead. Of course, this doesn’t help those...

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extension with UltraSlim slide-pivot-stack doors

Planning and Compliance

Householder Development / Permitted Development Rules The Permitted Development rules, introduced in 2013 and due to expire at the end of May 2019, have now been made permanent. This gives homeowners the ability to...

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SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors wide open 2 sides

Fantastic Feedback on our Unique UltraSlim Doors

SunSeeker UltraSlim doors are unique. A fusion inspired by our Slimline Bi folds together with our Frameless Glass Doors, our design and engineering teams worked to create our contemporary retractable patio door. We designed...

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