• SunSeeker slimline sliding doors
  • SunSeeker slimline sliding doors render
  • SunSeeker slimline sliding doors render
  • SunSeeker slimline sliding doors render
  • SunSeeker slimline sliding doors render
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Introducing Slimline Sliding Doors (SD20) by SunSeeker

Our new Slimline Sliding Doors (SD20) offer a sleek, contemporary solution for your home or business. With ultra-slim 20 mm sightlines and up to 90% glass surface area, these premium aluminium sliding doors create a stunning, unobstructed view of the outdoors. Available in a wide range of colours, finishes, and sizes, our Slimline Sliding Doors make for a perfect choice that will impress visitors for years to come. Get a quote now!

Slimline sliding glass doors timeless design

Timeless Design

The frame is hidden away, creating a contemporary look that suits a wide range of styles of home. The 20 mm sightlines boost the sliding doors’ visual appeal and allow plenty of natural light to enter the room.

Customisable Finishes

Personalise your slimline patio doors with our wide range of colours and finishes. Whether you’re looking to match a traditional or modern property, our customisation options allow you to create the perfect look for your home.

Slimline sliding doors by SunSeeker fitted in a kitchen
Slimline Sliding Doors interlock mechanism

Secure and Durable

Our Slimline Sliding Doors are built to withstand the test of time. The high-quality locking mechanisms and durable, hardwearing aluminium construction offers excellent resistance against the elements and potential intruders. Equipped with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms, these patio doors provide uncompromising security for your home and family.

Energy Efficient

With double glazing and a U-value of just 1.3 W/m²K, these slimline sliding patio doors provide a high level of thermal insulation and efficiency, while the noise reduction glass cuts out as much as 41 dB of external noise.

Double glazing on the Slimline Sliding Doors (SD20)
SunSeeker slimline sliding doors render

Suitable for Large Openings with up to Six Sashes

These aluminium patio doors offer a range of configuration options to suit your specific requirements. Single, double, or triple track options are available, as well as corner installations for a striking glass wall effect. With a maximum width of 2.5 metres and a height of up to 3 metres per sash, these slimline doors are ideal for large openings up to 13.2 metres wide and 3 metres high.

Slimline Sliding Doors (SD20) Technical Details

Max Dimensions/Sash

Maximum width:
2500 mm (2.5 metres)

Maximum height:
3000 mm (3.0 metres)

Maximum weight:
320 kg


Air permeability (EN 12207):
Class 4

Water tightness (EN 12208):
Class 7A

Wind resistance (EN 12210):
Class C5


Transmittance (U-value):
UW ≥ 1.3 W ∕ m2 K

Max acoustic insulation:
RW = 41 dBA

Find Out More

As a leading innovative doors company, SunSeeker strives to bring to market the best doors for your home or commercial property.

If you think our Slimline Sliding Doors are for you and you’d like further information or a no-obligation quotation, please request a quote or call us on 01582 492 730. Prices start at £1,995.