Frameless Internal Glass Doors

Retractable Glass Room Divider

The perfect complement to open plan living is the virtually invisible room partition – there when you want it, gone when you don’t. Even when our Frameless Glass Doors are in position and fully closed, light flow and a virtually uninterruptible view maintains the illusion of brightness and space.

Frameless sides to each glass panel divide a living space physically but not visually. When the Frameless Glass Room Divider doors are fully open, the narrow profile ensures maximum access between room areas. The bottom guide rail for the sliding glass doors is 40 mm high – or, if preferred, it may be set into the floor within a channel, to allow wheeled items to cross easily. The channel must be prepared by a reputable local builder* prior to our survey / installation, so that our measurements will be accurate. Please view our gallery.

Slide-and-turn Frameless Glass Doors comprise a single door that opens conventionally plus a number of glass door panels that slide along tracks to the end of the opening, then pivot to rest as inconspicuously as possible against the end wall, maximising the access space. If you just want to let some air flow, the panels can be positioned anywhere along the track. If full light flow is not essential and you prefer more privacy or an intimate atmosphere, glass options** include tinted and NEW one-way mirror glass.

If you prefer to be able to create a more defined separate space (e.g. as a shut-away study, kitchen or occasional guest room) consider our UltraSlim double glazed doors for a partition with  internal blinds, which are more contemporary than drapes or curtains and require less maintenance than externally fitted blinds.

*we regret that we are not able to recommend builders **at extra cost

Prices from £995 depending on requirements. Submit your Quote Request here