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  • Aluminium Ultra Slim bifold doors (slide and pivot aka slide and turn, retractable patio doors, or slide and fold doors)
  • SunSeeker UltraSlim sliding patio doors
  • SunSeeker UltraSlim glass panelled 5 panel sliding patio doors with blinds

Ultra Slim Bifold Doors – Slide and Pivot Door System

With more than 5,000 UK installations, our most popular doors during the past few years are our Ultra Slim bifold doors with aluminium frames of less than 2cm, finished in anthracite grey. Our slide and pivot system is similar to bifold doors but each of the door panels opens individually, eliminating the need for folding hinges.

Slimmest Bifolding Patio Doors: Maximum Access, Stunning Views

From the company that first delivered Slimline Aluminium Bi Folding Sliding Patio Doors in 2003, SunSeeker UltraSlim Slide and Turn Patio Doors have proved a winner…

UltraSlim is unrivalled with its slim sightlines: just 19mm of frame visible at the sides of each door. Putting this in perspective, our 6-door system has less frame to obstruct your view than the slimmest bifolding 3-door system from many other manufacturers. Individual Ultra Slim doors slide along the guide rails and turn to open, facilitating the widest opening for access.

Often referred to as retractable doors, slim bifold doors, or slide and pivot doors, slide and fold doors or slide and turn doors, the Ultra Slim is our leading selling product since 2017.

A Contemporary Alternative to Slimline Bifold Doors

SunSeeker Ultra Slim slide and turn/slide and pivot doors are different. Why? Because they look like bi-folding doors when they are open and when they are closed, but they do not slide and fold. Instead, there is a main door that opens normally and each of the other doors will slide along the guides and pivot open, stacking at the side.

Additionally, unlike bi folding doors, you can slide each door along the guide and just leave it wherever you want to, leaving gaps between the doors to allow air flow through – for more examples, see our photo gallery.

Partially open aluminium slim bifold doors (slide and pivot type) in black, with integral blinds, opening onto a patio

Ultra Slim Bifold Doors Features

  • Available in a wide range of colours and made to measure in the UK to your exact requirements
  • Space saving, suitable for openings up to 10m width; all doors stack to side of opening
  • Energy efficient: Ultra Slim thermally broken aluminium frames and British Standard Kitemark K-glass included as standard
  • Secure and PAS 24 certified for your peace of mind
  • Site visit and installation included in price quoted
  • Prices start at £1,495
Slide and turn window with same mechanism and frames as the Ultra Slim bifold doors

Matching Windows and Doors

Our Ultra Slim windows are perfect for those who wish to maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout their home. Available in the same range of customisable options as our doors, you can choose from our extensive selection of frame colours, glass types, and integral blinds for your aluminium windows to match your specific requirements. By choosing our Ultra Slim external bifold windows, you can achieve a unified, stylish look throughout your home, enjoying the same benefits of our advanced slide and pivot technology.

Customisation Options for Ultra Slim Bifold Doors

At SunSeeker, we understand that every home is unique, and so are your requirements. That’s why we offer a range of customisation options for our UltraSlim bifold doors and windows, ensuring they complement your style and meet your needs perfectly.

Aluminium Frame Colours

Our standard bifolding door and window frame colours are anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and natural pure white (RAL 9010). However, if you desire something different, we offer the option to powder-coat aluminium door frames in a vast array of industry-standard RAL colours – up to 300 choices. This service is done in-house, guaranteeing high quality and durability. The finished frames are virtually maintenance-free, eliminating the need for painting or varnishing.

Glass Options

  • Laminated glass for added security
  • Argon-filled glass for improved insulation and thermal performance
  • Antisun glass to reduce glare
  • Obscured glass for privacy
  • Tinted glass for a stylish, modern look

Integral Blinds

For added convenience and aesthetic appeal, our Uni-Blinds are a perfect addition. These blinds are sealed within the double-glazed units, ensuring a dust-free environment. The benefits include no cleaning required, as they are protected from dust and damage. They offer superior sun shading compared to traditional blinds and improve thermal efficiency, contributing to better energy performance.

Uni-Blinds are available in two styles: venetian blinds with three colour options and pleated blinds in two colour choices. Both styles feature colour-coordinated components and white external controls. Additionally, an electrically operated system is available for even more convenience.

Ultra Slim Retractable Patio Doors

More contemporary than bi-folds, the UltraSlim slide and pivot system.

The SunSeeker UltraSlim system comprises individually sliding doors which can be spaced along the guides. The master door can be sited at either end and may depend on where the doors are to be sited as well as where you would like the master door to be situated and where the doors should stack when they are open. Our site surveyor will be able to advise you which system is more suitable to your home.

The doors are fully retractable and look similar to slimline bifold doors when fully opened or closed; Ultra Slim aluminium door frames are considerably narrower each side of the glass than folding-sliding doors available from other UK manufacturers.

How have we managed this?

The team at SunSeeker Doors is continually developing ideas for door design to reflect lifestyle expectations of our customers. UltraSlim aluminium frames were made possible due to the unique locking system we developed, as each door is lockable for added security. Slide and pivot doors are not required to be hinged together, as bifolding doors are.

Ultra Slim doors are all fully retractable, which means that when they are all open, they stack at right-angles at the side of the opening, maximising the access space between the two areas. Open or closed, Ultra Slim doors offer great visibility and plenty of natural light.

Request your personalised quotation for UltraSlim sliding-pivoting-stacking bifold patio doors.

Ultra slim bifold doors between an open plan kitchen and patio in a modern brick home in the UK

Ultra Slim Bifold Doors FAQ

What is the difference between regular bi-fold doors and UltraSlim slide and pivot doors?

UltraSlim glass doors feature a slide and pivot system, where each panel slides individually along a track without the need for folding hinges. The panels can then be turned/pivoted 90 degrees at the side to fully open the system.

When fully closed or fully open, they look very similar to regular bifolding doors, but with slimmer frames thanks to a lack of bulky hinges between each panel.

Ultra Slim Sliding Doors were the first in its class of fully retractable patio door with thin 19mm coated aluminium side frames and, therefore, more glass for viewing when doors are fully closed compared to traditional bi-fold doors. UltraSlim slide-and-pivot doors stack neatly to the side of the opening, making more space available to walk through from home to garden than with conventional sliding glass patio doors.

Can Ultra Slim bifold doors be used as internal room partitions?

Yes, our Ultra Slim aluminium bifold doors can be installed as internal doors/internal bifold partitions, such as between a house and a conservatory.

How can your slim bifold doors be customised?

We offer customisation options including a range of up to 300 RAL colours for the aluminium frames, various glass options (laminated, argon-filled, antisun, obscured, and tinted), and integral blinds in venetian or pleated styles. Our slim bifold doors are made-to-measure and many of our customers purchase multiple sets of doors (and often matching slide and pivot windows) for a unified look. A popular customised variant is our Georgian Patio Doors with Integral Bars. Please contact us if you have any other bespoke requirements not listed here.

How secure are the bi folding slide and pivot door systems?

Our UltraSlim Bifold Doors are PAS 24 certified, featuring a unique locking system that ensures each door panel is secure. This provides peace of mind for your home’s security.

What is the maximum width that your slim bifold doors accommodate?

Our Ultra Slim sliding doors are suitable for openings up to 10 metres wide. All doors stack neatly to the side, maximising access and creating a wide, unobstructed opening for stunning panoramic views.

Are the Ultra Slim bifold doors energy efficient?

Our external bifold slide and pivot doors and windows come with thermally broken aluminium frames and double glazed British Standard Kitemark K-glass as standard. Energy efficiency and thermal insulation can be improved even further with different glazing options at an extra cost.

Do slide and turn doors require much maintenance?

The aluminium frames of our Ultra Slim bifold doors are virtually maintenance-free. They do not require painting or varnishing, making them a hassle-free choice for your home.

What glass options are available for the Ultra Slim bifold doors?

We offer several glass options for our slim bifold door systems, including laminated for security, argon-filled for insulation, antisun to reduce glare, obscured for privacy, and tinted glass for a modern aesthetic.

Frameless Glass Doors and Large Leaf Sliding Doors

In addition to these slide and turn foldable sliding doors, SunSeeker Doors also offers Slimline Sliding Patio Doors and Frameless Glass Doors. Any of our bifold and pivot doors may also be installed as French Doors. The sliding patio doors consist of large sliding glass panels which slide on dual or triple tracks. These wider large glass leaf doors can provide up to 2.5m width of uninterrupted viewing per panel. Frameless glass doors are available single-glazed or double-glazed, for use as room dividers, outdoor enclosures, patio doors, and more.