Business Terms and Conditions

Our Business Terms and Conditions

Our quotes assume that measurements submitted to us by the customer are correct for indicative quotation purposes, Measurements are accepted at the point of survey and signed survey sheet in all instances. If differences are apparent as a result of our survey, the company reserves the right to amend our quotation. If the customer is unable to attend the site at the point of survey, we can only accept confirmation of our survey, in writing or by e-mail. When we are engaged to install our product, we will arrange for our surveyor to carry out a survey, to ensure measurements and specifications. Prices are confirmed after the survey. We do not expect to vary quoted prices unless, of course, there are significant differences between measurements supplied and actual measurements, as established by our surveyor.

When the company is requested to carry out a site survey, it is a condition that a responsible person is available to sign the survey sheet. In the event that no one is available, the surveyor will leave the site and a charge will be incurred for a return visit.

In the event of the customer supplying dimensions and specifications, we are not responsible for any mistakes and consequential costs.

We assume all work is to be carried out on a ground floor location unless otherwise agreed. Any extra charges required to lift our product beyond the ground floor are chargeable. It is the client’s responsibility to arrange and pay for adequate parking for our vehicles.

It is the responsibility of all customers or prospective customers to ensure that we Sunseeker Doors are aware, in the event that the property that we are quoting for is a New Build Construction/Project, as specified by Building Regulations and under no circumstance are they to rely on any other notification, verbal or written, other than written confirmation sent directly to

When placing an order we require a 30% deposit and cleared funds to be paid prior to installation (no surcharge for credit cards). Full settlement becomes due once the doors are ready for installation in the event of the customer changing a prior agreed date of installation. The prices quoted include all works detailed in this quotation and are valid only for the quantities quoted. All quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote.

All quotes given verbally or in writing, do not include any building work whatsoever, we assume a perfectly square aperture in which to install our doors. Any extra building work e.g. aperture preparation, decoration, channels in flooring will be quoted in writing separately in writing if the company agrees to undertake the work.

Any detailed instructions as to the installation of our product, e.g. Cill position, door configuration, colour, gasket colour, furniture colour, must be agreed at the point of survey or in writing no later than two weeks prior to us commencing manufacture of the product ordered. Any changes will be charged at the appropriate rate.

Title to all or part of our product does not pass until payment is received in full.

We are not responsible for any damage to structure or decoration when extracting a set of doors or windows already in place. Any costs to rectify such damage are outside the scope of our agreement, as are any decorative finishings around our installed doors.

We are not responsible for any consequential damage or breakage to our customers’ property, during the installation of our doors or any subsequent visit.

When door extractions are surveyed, we only guarantee dimensions if the existing doors are extracted at the point of survey. In the event that we carry out a survey while existing doors are in place, we do not have any responsibility for incorrect dimensions at the survey.

Door stays are not part of our contract, if required there is an additional charge.

External locks do not come as standard. These would need to be requested at the point of sale and quoted. The lock can be fitted after installation but this would be an additional charge. This lock is only available in ‘silver’ or white colour.

Trickle vents do not come as standard. These would need to be requested at the point of sale and quoted. The vents can be fitted after installation but this would be an additional charge.

Trims. The doors systems may be trimmed down the uprights and head of the door systems, depending on the finish required. These trims will be either plastic or metal, which is powder-coated to match the RAL colour of the doors. Any trims/cladding of corner posts, lintels or non-standard flat trims, do not form part of the contract.

The customer is responsible to notify the company at the point of quotation if the property is within one mile of the sea. This is to establish whether our marinised paint programme is required, at additional cost.

We do not remove extracted doors from the site.

Any Glazing or System defects not notified within 7 days of installation date are not our responsibility.

We are not responsible for any costs incurred as a result of us being unable to meet a production or installation deadline.

It is the responsibility of the customer to notify Sunseeker Doors, in writing. at least 5 days prior to installation, of any drop 10 Meters or more that our staff would have to work at, when installing our door systems. There will be an additional insurance premium and any costs incurred as a result of non or late notification will be charged to the customer.

Design improvements are made on a regular basis and so the actual product may vary from pictures and/or specifications shown.

Deposits are not normally refundable. In the event of early order cancellation, a refund of your deposit will be at the discretion of the company. A fee will be charged towards administration costs and in respect of any site survey having been carried out. Full settlement becomes due once the doors are have been manufactured.

The company can at its discretion, cancel any order received and refund any deposits paid without any consequential damages.

Always check our estimated delivery times as this is a variable calculation.

Warranty (5 years on all glass components, 2 years fully comprehensive on the balance of the system) on application, conditions apply. We do not offer an emergency service for any call outs, site visits are allocated on a strict first come first serve basis.