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SunSeeker Doors - innovative door design


Our unrivalled innovative range of affordable slide and turn glass doors are British designed & engineered. They are made to measure, delivered and installed direct to you from the manufacturer. More versatile than bi-folding doors, our practical and stunning contemporary glass doors suit most specifications and, with a choice of ultra slim aluminium frames or frameless glass, all our ‘slide and swing’ doors are specifically manufactured to order for each client and installed with minimum fuss by our experienced teams. The original slide & pivot door systems have been designed & manufactured by SunSeeker Doors since 2009. Click for Quote!

SunSeeker Doors demo video

Slide & pivot, slide & turn or slide & swing describe the way that you open the doors. You unlock the master (pivot) door and open with a swing motion (it can open inwards or outwards). Once you’ve done that, the next door can slide towards the master door then you can open it in the same way, and so on. The way the doors slide and turn to stack at right-angles to the opening is why the doors are also referred to as slide & stack. They can also remain anywhere along the opening and are therefore spaceable doors. See our video demos.

UltraSlim Slide and Turn patio doors

Contemporary style ULTRASLIM doors have 19mm aluminium side frames in a choice of colours plus other options, such as glass and integral blinds. Our original exclusive slide and turn doors, with 1000s of installations since 2009, are manufactured exclusively in England. SunSeeker UltraSlim doors, with their narrow sight lines and slim profiles, offer superior viewing compared with standard bi-folding doors whilst conforming to standard building regulations. Edge-to-edge doors slide to the ends of the guide rails where they can pivot 90 degrees to create a clear, wide opening space into your garden, conservatory, etc.. We offer an option of installing a flush with floor fitting. The styling and versatility of UltraSlim are unmatched by conventional sliding patio doors, bi folds or French doors. Click for Quote!

UltraSlim, 4-door set

Frameless Glass Doors and Frameless double-glazed

SunSeeker Doors’ bespoke Frameless Glass Doors are available with tempered glass* or kite-marked double glazing. Affordable quality and fully retractable for clear views, our doors enable wide access to an adjoining room, conservatory, garden terrace or balcony. Our frameless double-glazed doors are similar to UltraSlim but without the aluminium side frames. *Single-glazed Frameless Glass Doors are available as external enclosures or as room dividers in homes but not patio doors. They are ideal for commercial premises. Installed direct by established UK manufacturer, SunSeeker Doors. Click for Quote!

5 door extension frameless glass doors

Classic Slimline Bi folding doors

Our made-to-measure traditional slimline aluminium bi-folds have been manufactured in England since we designed them and began manufacturing in 2003. Now made off-site, bi-folding doors are available in a range of frame colours, with optional integral blinds and installation is included as standard. Click for Quote!

We also offer stunning aluminium slimline sliding doors and Georgian style patio doors.

SunSeeker Slimline classic bifolding patio doors

Sightline Sliding Doors

Do you require double-glazed doors with slim aluminium frames, suitable for both domestic and commercial use and in a range of frame colours, made to measure for an exact fit and with installation included as standard? In partnership with Sightline Doors, we can offer large leaf sliding glass doors, each door is available up to 3m x 6m in size. Sightline Doors are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. If you have a requirement for larger than average glass doors, take a look at Sightline large leaf sliding doors. Get a Quote!

large leaf Sightline doors

We have the widest range of retractable, spaceable Slide & Turn/ Slide-Swing-Stack, sliding folding doors and windows to enhance your home for the clearest views. SunSeeker Doors’ UltraSlim, Frameless Glass, Slimline and Sightline Doors offer unparalleled views and light flow. All doors are manufactured in Britain to your specification, usually within 4 weeks. Compare prices with our no-obligation quotation.

Bi-folding is sometimes described as sliding-folding, accordion or concertina style. Frameless Glass Doors are sometimes called Glass Curtains. Other descriptions for Slide & Turn or Slide & Pivot doors include Slide & Swing or Slide & Stack.

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