• SunSeeker slimline sliding doors
  • SunSeeker slimline sliding doors render
  • SunSeeker slimline sliding doors render
  • SunSeeker slimline sliding doors render

Low Profile Sliding Glass Patio Doors by SunSeeker Doors

Designed for elegance, our sliding glass patio doors can cover large spaces with minimal visible frame: the sightline is just 2 cm, creating a stunning “glass wall” effect. Made with accessibility, thermal performance, and security in mind, these sliding doors are a great choice for your patio.

Minimalist look of our sliding glass doors

Minimalist Design

With over 90% glass surface for unobstructed views.

Sliding glass doors

20 mm Sightlines

Super slimline 20 mm sightlines that amplify natural light.

Looking outside through SunSeeker sliding glass doors

Optimal Performance

With double glazing and great thermal and acoustic insulation.

SunSeeker Sliding Glass Doors

About Our Sliding Glass Patio Doors

These large leaf sliding glass doors feature a minimal aluminium profile with a nearly frameless appearance, making your home feel more open and bright. Despite their low profile, they feature premium security and thermal performance, with a high-security 5-point lock system, toughened safety glass, and double glazing.

From Room Enclosures to Very Large Patio Doors

Our sliding glass patio doors may be installed in many configurations, including “glass walls” (including corners). However they look their best as very large sliding doors, with a maximum width of 2.5 metres and a maximum height of 3 metres per door panel. This makes them suitable for openings up to 13.2 metres by 3 metres. Flexible to your needs, options include single, double, or triple tracks, and corners.

If you require retractable sliding doors for a more standard size of patio door opening, please take a look at our UltraSlim sliding patio doors.

Why SunSeeker Doors?

Sliding glass patio doors are a must-have for any home renovation project. As a leading innovative doors company, SunSeeker strives to bring to market the best doors for your home or commercial property. With our efficient production process and dedicated installation crew, we can bring your vision to life in no time.

If you think our sliding glass patio doors might be for you and you’d like further information or a no-obligation quotation, please request a quote or call us on 01582 492 730. Prices start at £1,995.