Sunseeker Doors

SunSeeker UltraSlim slide & turn doors, fully open to garden

Referrals from Clients

It’s very satisfying when our clients’ friends, family and neighbours come to us as a direct result of the client’s installation. This has happened a considerable number of times and we’ve just been advised...

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UltraSlim Doors

Case Study – New Build

Two sets of UltraSlim doors were installed for a client in Hertfordshire, in a house that was being constructed, based on a Potton Homes structure. At a critical stage during the build, the doors...

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UltraSlim doors on large conservatory

Exclusive appointment for our Existing Clients

As our UltraSim slide-and-turn doors approach 3,500 installations in 10+ years, we have expanded our team to include a service engineer dedicated solely to the service and maintenance of UltraSlim doors for our customers....

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SunSeeker External Frameless Glass Doors

Best Glass Doors for Outbuildings

At SunSeeker Doors, we have two solutions for your outbuildings and conservatory: double-glazed UltraSlim with aluminium frames and single-glazed, tempered Frameless Glass doors. Both types of doors use the same unique, proprietary system to...

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fully open UltraSlim doors

Home Improvement – The 2020 Effect

Home improvement is one of the industries that has grown during 2020’s Covid-19 difficulties and the choice of doors and suppliers can be difficult for home-owners who are planning their home improvements. Throughout 2020,...

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expanse of ultraslim doors

Patio Door Types

When searching for the perfect patio door, what do people need to look for? Especially those who are unaware of UltraSlim, made in England by an established door technology company. BiFolding Doors were designed...

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