5-Star Review (unedited) from Trustpilot

Great aftercare!

We have had our doors for nearly 3 years and have been incredibly happy with the sleek, slimline look and smooth ease at which they open and shut. Installation went well and everything ran smoothly. A year later we decided to get hooks to pin back the windows as they would swing about in the wind. Engineers came and did that without any issues. I suggest everyone asks for hooks on the doors and windows as an add on, as they don’t come with them.

Admittedly it is hard to get through to anyone on the phone but if you’re persistent and do get through, things happen. The reason I’m giving 5*s today is because of the ‘aftercare service’ we have just experienced – in particular from Tony Wain who has been our contact since the start and is an excellent guy – efficient, reliable and genuine.

We use our patio door an awful lot, probably more than most! Letting the dog in and out constantly, the kids run in and out, and now the warmer weather has come, I am in and out all the time gardening and hanging up the washing. As a result, our patio door gets opened and closed a lot. So after 3 years we noticed that the door’s top hinge was becoming looser and looser in the runner, to the point where it had finally slipped and dislodged this Jubilee weekend and we weren’t able to open and close it at all for fear of it completely coming off it’s runners.

I would say that this is potentially one area you may require ‘maintenance’ if you buy patio doors from Sunseekers if you intend to use the door or window a lot. Saying that, all our other Sunseeker windows and doors are fine and have never had any hinge issues but then we don’t use them half as much. Getting back to the patio door…. apart from regular opening and closing of the door, another factor that caused the hinge to break was that the wind would sometimes catch it and blow it so wide open, it would bang back and knock the inside of the hinge in the runner. I’m not a mechanic so it’s hard to explain but I think this was this final nail in the coffin that caused it to break the hinge. With our door being constantly opened and shut, I don’t always pin it back with the hook….especially if I’m just popping out for a minute. We will now get a door stop which will always be in situ to save me having to pin it back each time.

As I said, this all came to ahead over the Jubilee bank holiday but on the Monday, Tony Wain at Sunseekers had already read my emails and was ‘on it’. He managed to go above and beyond to help us get a mechanic out to us by 8am the next day to fix our door. Robert came as promised and within half an hour had taken all the sliding doors off and replaced the hinge. Great job done.

I have to say there are a lot of companies who would not have fixed our doors as part of the warranty three years on but Sunseekers have a great aftercare commitment to anyone who buys their doors. They understand that their doors may need ‘servicing’ and it’s been a blessed relief to know they will fix things quickly and without issue. Obviously one hopes things don’t go wrong or need adjusting when you buy expensive door but if it does, Sunseekers have been incredibly gracious, efficient and supportive. I feel it is important to praise our British companies who try to get it right so they can grow and improve. Sunseekers has really impressed me in this instance and overall, I would highly rate their doors and windows but especially their after care service. Thank you.

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