New Demo Video

Fresh from an installation this summer, here is a video of UltraSlim aluminium-framed large windows, powder-coated in white to match the property’s other frames.

UltraSlim doors and windows were designed and manufactured by SunSeeker Doors and came to market in 2009. There is a master door for standard access. Once this is open, other panels can be fully opened by sliding along the guide rails. Alternatively, you can leave them spaced along the guides.

Choose your doors and windows to open from the left or the right, inwards or outwards, in a wide range of frame colour options and, if you can wait a little longer for your installation, we can provide integral blinds inside the glass cavity (additional price) which is a must for south-facing windows. It also adds privacy, if needed.

The video is best watched in full screen mode – and it’s only 20 seconds!

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