Bringing Light into Smaller Homes

In towns where space is a premium, there are smaller houses where natural lightflow is limited. These may be rows of old terraced cottages or more modern dwellings from the post-war baby-boom era. In some cases, wooden-frames windows and clumsy doors can be replaced by more modern products, designed to increase the area of glazing to increase the light source.

Below are some ideas to increase the amount of light coming into a home.

  • Within the same aperture, UltraSlim aluminium frames are much narrower than pine or pvc from years ago. It is also likely that the thermal values of new double-glazed windows and doors will be higher than your existing ones.
  • Using the same width and overhead lintel, windows can become deeper or can be replaced by doors. Doors can open outwards so that you don’t need to find additional space inside the home. (If this is not on the ground floor, we can also supply a glass panel, for safety.)
  • Smaller homes often have a narrow window next to a door. These could be combined into one aperture with an UltraSlim sliding-pivot door set, enabling a much greater amount of light to enter the home. With UltraSlim doors, you can open one door or more – take a look at the UltraSlim Doors gallery.

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If the light isn’t coming in directly through the glass doors or windows (in the case of north-facing rooms, for instance), you can often see light bouncing off items within your line of sight – perhaps a neighbouring window, a greenhouse or a white wall.

You may notice that, in addition to increasing the amount of light-flow, the feeling of spaciousness from within the home is enhanced. Looking through glass doors to a garden or courtyard almost includes the outside area within your living space.

Ask you builder or architect about the possibilities – or if you just need to replace your doors or windows with UltraSlim aluminium, request a quotation.

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