Returning Customer Builds New House, Buys More Doors

Almost 15 years ago, we installed a set of our Slimline aluminium bi-folding doors for a customer who was delighted with them. As bi-folds were uncommon at the time, the installation was a definite ‘wow’ factor of the refurbished house.

The customer is moving home soon, to a new house that is being built on a quarter-acre plot. SunSeeker slide-and-swing UltraSlim Doors were a must for this customer! Two sets have been installed: a four-door set for the west-facing lounge and a three-door set in the kitchen-dining area, which is south facing.

The client has invited us to use their doors in a new demonstration video when their home is completed, although this could be next year. Meanwhile, if you would like a quotation for UltraSlim Doors in your new-build, new extension or refurbishment, we will provide a free quotation with no strings – even if your project is months away. This will include all standard costs: manufacturing to order, site visit, installation and our two-year guarantee.

When comparing UltraSlim Aluminium framed slide and swing doors with our 2 or 3 competitors, be sure to compare the width of their door frames – ours are only 19mm. We are also able to quote for specific RAL colours, special glass and integral horizontal blinds (housed inside the double glazing) as optional extras.

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