Why SunSeeker Doors Don’t Offer Discounts

We don’t offer our doors at SALE prices…
Our doors are designed exclusively by us, using technical knowledge gained over a couple of decades to develop a unique product that delivers the contemporary style of a concept door that is suited to today’s lifestyle.

ultraslim slide-turn-stack doors in a single storey extension


SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors were developed during 2008/2009 as “hingeless bifolding doors”. Initial installations, during 2009, allowed us to test the doors in a real environment before launching the product at the end of 2009. Since then, we have continued to make refinements and improvements.

When SunSeeker launched UltraSlim Doors almost ten years ago, we were the only company to offer 19mm side frames which were at least 80% slimmer than hinged bifolds. The 38mm sightlines on closed UltraSlim Doors offered almost uninterrupted views when closed.

Additionally, having no hinges meant that the door profiles were narrower and the fully opened doors, stacked at the side, also required less space when fully retracted.


Today, ten years on, we have started to see competitors emerge with similar doors but none can offer narrower sightlines or slimmer profiles.

Occasionally, we have been accused of being a little ‘cagey’ when asked for technical information. We know that we have an enviable product and we don’t want other companies to benefit from the years of development that we have invested in our market-leading doors. Hence, we no longer attend trade shows and we use our own installation teams, in order to protect our unique door system.


We are a family business with in-depth knowledge of door technology. In order to maintain the quality of manufacturing to order, we price UltraSlim Doors as competitively as we can. We also keep the price keen by dealing direct with our customers so that there is no ‘middle man’ needing a profit.

The recent collapse of sterling is a challenge and any future trade agreements will affect pricing, from raw materials to importing full products that are manufactured abroad. SunSeeker Doors are made in England.

The price is quoted for each client’s bespoke requirements and is not over-inflated just to allow us to offer discounts. When we see a blanket “30% off” it begs the question – were their prices 30% too high in the first place? We don’t offer fake price reductions. Innovation and quality engineering, such as we poured into SunSeeker UltraSlim, results in a unique, bespoke system that will never be as cheap as off-the-shelf generic doors – and won’t have the same ‘wow’ factor.


It is common practice to pay in full before the doors are installed, just as people expect to pay for a holiday, flight or train ticket in advance. There is an element of trust, which is why it is important for purchasers to deal with established, reputable companies. Once someone has had their patio doors installed (or, indeed, completed their holiday), it can sometimes be more difficult to obtain final payment. Our doors come with guarantees and we want to please our customer base so that they become our marketing force. It’s not always possible to please everyone but we do try.


With new-builds and building extensions, there are generally some ‘snagging’ issues as things settle (e.g. plaster or timber drying out). Also, elements such as wood and metal can be affected by climate and temperature). Occasionally, our doors may need some after-care and we aim to resolve issues within a reasonable timeframe.

Reviews & Testimonials

Whether you are in Waitrose or Marks & Sparks, most purchases are made and forgotten – unless it results in dissatisfaction. If you’ve received poor customer service or a faulty product, you will probably do something about it. For a large purchase costing a four figure sum, dissatisfaction is escalated to higher levels, with a need to let others know via social media, discussion groups and negative reviews. This is perfectly acceptable.

However, people reading a handful of negative comments do not have a balanced perspective because most happy purchasers don’t have the same motivation to shout about their experience. On average, there are two positive reviews posted for every negative one which gives the impression that 33% of all people who bought a certain product were unhappy. In reality, in our case, we receive negative feedback from less than 1% of our client base, most of whom are subsequently satisfied. Sometimes, people write and tell us how delighted they are – check out our door testimonials.

If you are a happy customer who would like to share your experience of how UltraSlim Doors have improved your lifestyle, please consider leaving reviews on our testimonials page, Google, Facebook or any other online groups – or you can email us!

Thanks very much 🙂

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