How well do you know your Builders?

We are often approached by builders who want to supply and fit our unrivalled UltraSlim Doors on client’s extensions or property development projects. Whilst there might be some advantages to this, our experience during the past 15+ years led to our policy of taking full responsibility for the site-survey, door manufacture and installation.

9-door UltraSlim expanse, working with builders Most builders are happy with this arrangement. Our experienced teams can install the doors in optimum time while the builders get on with their work. The client pays for the doors direct to us, therefore the builder doesn’t need to worry about collecting payment from the client and passing it on.

Clients are happy to deal direct, knowing that they are paying a fair price without an added premium to the ‘middle man’ (in this case, the building company). More importantly, if there are any issues discovered during site-survey and installation, we can resolve them. Our doors rarely require repairs or major maintenance but, if they do, the client can contact our experts without having to track down the builders.

Another advantage of having our engineer visit your home is to show you how to use the doors. The engineer will also to run through the easy maintenance that will keep the doors working and looking their best. This includes removing dirt and dust from the floor runners that can accumulate when doors have been open to the elements. It takes only a few minutes. If you have ordered integral blinds with the doors, these will also be demonstrated for you.

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