UltraSlim: Doors of Choice for Architects in and around London

When Architects specify glass doors with that Wow! factor, UltraSlim is a firm favourite.

Reasonably priced for the client, SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors feature the slimmest side frames available on a fully retractable glass door system – and it’s an entirely British development, manufactured exclusively at our workshop in middle England.

Some London-based architects who have specified UltraSlim in their designs include:

It’s good to know that there are companies out there who care about doing a proper jobwww.originstudio.co.uk

3rd in the New London Architects Awards (2016)www.studio30architects.co.uk

Apologies for not sending this email sooner but thought I should just drop you a quick note to say how happy I am with the doors you manufactured. The fitters were also very good.www.czwg.com

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In a buoyant property market, the cost of adding bespoke feature doors is usually covered by the value they add to your house price, because your home is more desirable and therefore more in demand by prospective buyers. This is reassuring, even if you are not thinking of moving soon but want to enhance your own lifestyle.

When you purchase made-to-measure SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors rather than settling for the more mundane patio door / bi folding door offerings from dealerships of mass-manufacturers, you know that you have made your home something special that can be admired for years to come. Unlike consumables and free-standing furniture, such as a TV or chair, which are easily replaced, a glass wall of fully openable doors is intended to stand the test of time. You don’t want to look at them every day and wish you’d installed the ones you really wanted.

The least you can do is to find out how much you need to budget to make yourself happy. Check our customer testimonials then use our quick quotation for doors and perhaps sleep on it before deciding ‘Yes’! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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