UltraSlim Doors in new-build Designer Villas

We’ve teamed up with the company that builds designer villas in Denia, Spain, to offer installations of SunSeeker UltraSlim retractable double-glazed doors on new-builds as an option to clients. Imagine fully opening your glass doors to let in a cooling breeze or to just pop through a smaller gap to reach your patio and private pool.

Until recently, SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors were available only in England and Wales. Now it is possible to have them installed in Spain and Malta. Depending on your location, contact our office for details or visit the following websites:

Our UltraSlim aluminium framed double glazed doors are not to be compared with single-glazed framless ‘glass curtains’ which have enjoyed popularity in Spain for a number of years. Designed as glass enclosures or room dividers, Frameless Glass Doors are manufactured with ‘unbreakable’ tempered glass and are suitable for use indoors or outside but are not weather-proof. Our double-glazed UltraSlim doors are available only from the two outlets listed above or direct from our UK base near the M1 in Bedfordshire, and are manufactured to your exact specifications.

We have some photographs showing a luxury villa nearing completion with its newly fitted UltraSlim glass doors installaton, below (click for higher resolution images).

Designer Villas in Denia, built to order on Spain’s Costa Blanca, are now offered with an option to have SunSeeker UltraSlim doors installed.

Glass Curtains Malta has recently added UltraSlim double glazed retractable doors to their portfolio.

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