Fantastic Feedback on our Unique UltraSlim Doors

SunSeeker UltraSlim doors are unique. A fusion inspired by our Slimline Bi folds together with our Frameless Glass Doors, our design and engineering teams worked to create our contemporary retractable patio door. We designed a totally new proprietory system that enabled us to remove the hinges (as required for bi folding-sliding doors) and therefore reduce the sightline width of the frames to under 20mm each side of each door. UltraSlim sightlines are at least eighty per cent narrower than most competitors’ products.

glass doors on summerhouse

Frameless slide-and-swing doors

We were delighted to receive a message via Facebook from one of our UltraSlim Doors customers:

“…at the NEC on Friday – Homebuilding and Renovations Show – and all the patio doors on display were bifold or sliding. There may have been one slide and swing but not the slimline. The doors looked so bulky when open, and ugly when closed! Hinges, chunky handles, chunky frames. So glad we’ve got your slimline slide and swing doors!”

Slide-and-swing is a description of how our Frameless Glass doors and UltraSlim are opened. There is a master door that swings or pivots, just as any normal door, for general access to the garden, balcony, terrace or conservatory.Once that door is open, each of the other doors will slide along the guides. To increase the width of walk through space, slide the second door towards the first door, then swing it open. Any of the other doors can be opened in the same way or be spaced anywhere along the guides – for example, for the access to be at the other end or somewhere in the middle of the glass doors.

There are video demonstrations of slide-and-swing doors in our gallery.

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