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UltraSlim Doors - photo by Emily

The Origin of Slide & Pivot Doors

Slide & Pivot Doors, Slide & Stack Doors, Slide & Turn / Slide & Swing Doors – whatever you want to call them – were inspired by Frameless Glass curtains which were popular in...

fully open UltraSlim doors

Home Improvement – The 2020 Effect

Home improvement is one of the industries that has grown during 2020’s Covid-19 difficulties and the choice of doors and suppliers can be difficult for home-owners who are planning their home improvements. Throughout 2020,...

expanse of ultraslim doors - sunseekerdoors.co.uk

Patio Door Types

When searching for the perfect patio door, what do people need to look for? Especially those who are unaware of UltraSlim, made in England by an established door technology company. BiFolding Doors were designed...