Best Glass Doors for Outbuildings

At SunSeeker Doors, we have two solutions for your outbuildings and conservatory: double-glazed UltraSlim with aluminium frames and single-glazed, tempered Frameless Glass doors.

Both types of doors use the same unique, proprietary system to slide-pivot-stack the doors, enabling full access through the wall opening. The main door pivots open (this may be inwards or outwards and placed either left or right of the opening); each of the other doors can slide along the guides, then pivot open to stack against the first or previous door.

If preferred, some of the doors can remain in place or be spaced along the opening.

Frameless Glass Doors

UtraSlim Aluminium-frame  Doors

UltraSlim Doors are suitable for all locations around the property. Their side frames are only 19mm wide and they are thermally compliant to British standards. Frameless Glass Doors are single glazed with tempered glass, suitable for out-buildings, internal use (such as room dividers) and commercial premises.

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