Are UltraSlim Doors suitable for Winter in England?

Winters can be cold so we’d like to feel cosy indoors. SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors are made with thermally-broken aluminium frames, which means that the inside and outside frames are separated from each other. This means that the heat or cold from one frame is not passed between them. The British kite-marked double-glazing is also thermally compliant to prevent heat disappearing from your home to the garden.

Our unique door closing system is air-tight and water-tight, therefore weather-proof against wind, rain and snow.

We have thousands of installations throughout England, with many families enjoying views through the doors: sunshine on a chilly day, birds and other wildlife, garden plants, trees, pretty garden lights and sometimes… snow!

Optional extras include integral blinds and glass options:

  • laminated
  • Argon-filled
  • antisun
  • obscured
  • tinted glass

These can also be useful for protection against too much heat and sun, too!

Our gallery of winter views is below.


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