Case Study – New Build

Two sets of UltraSlim doors were installed for a client in Hertfordshire, in a house that was being constructed, based on a Potton Homes structure. At a critical stage during the build, the doors were crucial to seal the house before internal works took place.

before UltraSlim installationThe customer had had our Slimline bi-folding doors installed in a previous home which sold quickly for an excellent price, with the doors generally accepted as the ‘wow’ factor when prospective buyers visited. The first two viewers raced to have their bids accepted, subject to selling their own properties.

The UltraSlim doors installation in their new-build house includes two sets of slide-and-turn doors; one set is in the west-facing sitting room to the patio and another set of doors opens up from the kitchen/dining room, facing south. The customers moved into their new home four months ago and have made good use of their UltraSlim doors throughout the summer.

They said: We lived with SunSeeker bi-folds for almost ten years and they were as good as new when we left. They were virtually trouble-free – just a little bit stiff when the weather suddenly changed from cold to hot and vice-versa. The secret is to treat them with care, as you would with expensive wine glasses, for example. We look forward to many more years of trouble-free patio doors.

We say: Thank you for your comments and photographs. We hope you will enjoy many years in your lovely new home.

UltraSlim Doors
UltraSlim Doors

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