Great Doors BUT …..

We’ve had our doors fitted for a number of years and until recently they’ve been great. Unfortunately the mechanism has gone wrong and we’re unable to open the doors fully but we are able to shut them, thankfully it’s that way around.
We’ve been trying to arrange an engineer visit for some while now, which regretfully is proving a little difficult. Times are very difficult at the moment but as a customer what you need to know is if there’s a problem the company will help you, its only then that you know how good a company is! We’re so glad to be able to shut the doors, imagine if they’d been stuck in the open position, especially over the winter we’ve had!
So it is with regret that whilst the product is great, the after sales service isn’t quite as we would have expected and liked.
We’re also hoping to get replacement parts, as the edging strip has “yellowed from the sun” over the years. We asked about this back in July 2020 and are still waiting.
Just seen an above comment to say someone has had their doors fixed on 24 November 2020, so maybe we’ve been unlucky with our request, although we have been trying to resolve our issue since November too.

*reply* Our sincere apologies. We had a number of difficulties during 2020 but we are back on track and trying hard to keep all our customers happy. Thank you for choosing our doors.

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