How Do They Work?

Ultra Slim – Slide & Turn Doors (SD38)

Please see below for a brief operation manual to help you better understand how to operate our doors in your home.

The beauty of the Ultra Slim system is that they are completely retractable, extremely easy to operate, containing very few moving parts.

The following is a step-by-step process of how to completely open our Ultra Slim Slide and Turn Door system:

  • Unlock the primary access door using your key
  • Twist the handle and turn 90 degrees to the opening position
  • Pull the access door using the handle, which will then lock the opening door into the open position (90 degree right angle to user)
  • Slide the next glass panel along to where the access door was positioned
  • Pull and swing open this panel
  • Stack alongside the primary access door
  • Perform the same task with every other glass panel
  • All panels will now be stacked to one side of the door system

* Please note that all panels will slide and stack to the same side as the access door. This is important to note before placing an order, or booking in a product demonstration.